Studentships, fellowships and grants of the SAVOY FOUNDATION are available to Canadian researchers for research conducted in Canada or abroad and to foreign nationals for projects conducted in Canada.

Studentships will be awarded to meritorious applicants wishing to acquire training and pursue research in a biomedical discipline, the health sciences or social sciences related to epilepsy. To be eligible, the candidate must have a good university record (B. Sc., M.D. or equivalent diploma) and have ensured that a qualified researcher affiliated to a university and/or hospital, will supervise his/her work.


Concomitant registration in a graduate program (M. Sc. or Ph. D.) is encouraged. These studentships last one (1) year, but will be renewable three times, upon request, for a maximum duration of four (4) years. The stipend will be $15,000 per year.


The student with the highest mark will receive the prestigious Van Gelder-Savoy award of an additional $1,500. An annual sum of $1,000 will be allocated to the laboratory or institution as additional support for the research project.


Students funded by the Savoy Foundation must not cumulate two studentship awards. Students are required, if possible, to submit a letter from the Dean indicating their average mark in addition to two reference letters.



In memory of the contribution made by Professor Laurent Descarries to the Savoy Foundation during his tenure as a member of the Research Committee, a new award of excellence has been created. The Descarries-Savoy award, in an amount of $1,500, will be granted to the student supported by the Foundation whom the committee decides has published the best  paper during the year of the studentship.


(NOTE : for a renewal you can use the same application)