A- Studentships
B- Post-doctoral and clinical research fellowships
C- Research grants

Studentships, fellowships and grants of the SAVOY FOUNDATION are available to Canadian researchers and to foreign nationals or for projects conducted in Canada.

A- Studentships
Studentships will be awarded to meritorious applicants wishing to acquire training and pursue research in a biomedical discipline, the health sciences or social sciences related to epilepsy. To be eligible, the candidate must have a good university record (B. Sc., M.D. or equivalent diploma) and have ensured that a qualified researcher affiliated to a university and/or hospital, will supervise his/her work. Concomitant registration in a graduate program (M. Sc. or Ph. D.) is encouraged. These studentships last one (1) year, but will be renewable three times, upon request, for a maximum duration of four (4) years. The stipend will be $15,000 per year. The student with the highest mark will receive the prestigious Van Gelder-Savoy award of an additional $1,500. An annual sum of $1,000 will be allocated to the laboratory or institution as additional support for the research project.

Students funded by the Savoy Foundation must not cumulate two studentship awards.

(NOTE : for a renewal you can use the same application)

B- Post-doctoral and clinical research fellowships
A few grants of $30,000 will be awarded to scientists or medical specialists (Ph.D. or M.D.) wishing to carry out a full time research project in the field of epilepsy. The grant will be for one (1) year, non renewable. As a rule, the modalities of attribution and amounts awarded will be similar to those of governmental funding agencies (CHIR or FRSQ). The fellow with the highest mark will received the prestigious Steriade-Savoy award of an additional $1,500.

Fellows funded by the Savoy Foundation must not cumulate two major awards. Fellowship applications are eligible only if submitted within five years of obtaining a PhD, unless the career interruption can be justified.

(NOTE : for a renewal you can use the same application)

C- Research Grants
Research grants, up to $25,000, will be available to clinicians and/or established scientists working on epilepsy or related subjects. These grants will be for the following purposes :

  • Launching of a project: operating costs in the expectation of funds already requested from government agencies. In this category, the description of the project should bear mainly on the initial stages (and/or reorientation) rather than the whole research program.
  • Pre-research: preliminary studies in preparation of a more substantial request to be addressed to another agency. In this category, the applicant should not only provide a description of his pre-research, but also outline the project to which it is leading. If he/she already holds other grants, it should be explained why these may not be used to finance the pre-research.
  • Pursuit or completion of a project: temporary support following the interruption or the termination of a grant.
  • Contribution to the funding of a research project of particular interest in the field of epilepsy.
  • Contribution to the funding of a scientific activity (e.g. publication, meeting) related to the field of epilepsy.

The same project should not be applied for under Research Grants and Studentships. The remuneration of a student must be applied for under the studentship program and not as an additional amount of the research grant.

As a rule, these grants are not renewable.

Application deadline: January 15 of each year

Meaning of Application Deadline :

  • Application deadline means the latest date for a request to be sent to the Savoy Foundation's offices, the postal stamp or courier serving as a proof.
  • If January 15 is a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the Savoy Foundation will consider the next working day as the deadline for sending the requests to our offices.
Note : The text limitations must be adhered to. Excessive text will be disregarded by the Selection Committee.

The results will be announced in LATE MARCH of each year.


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